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3-in-1 Review: The Blacksmith's Gift, An Orphan's Promise, and A Carpenter's Legacy (Series)

The Blacksmith's Gift

This is one of those reviews I put off for fear of not doing it justice. I will try, but know that no matter what impression I give it is even better than I can make it sound! *If you celebrate Christmas in the traditional Western way, you'll appreciate this series.

I delved into The Blacksmith's Gift without any spoilers or even reading the cover. The story was about a couple who wanted to have a child, but they were getting old. The husband, "Papa", was a carpenter with a large collection of toys for the child that never was. By the end of the story God shows Papa who those toys are meant for. I don't want to give away the surprise at the end, and perhaps I was dense for not figuring it out while I read it. The Blacksmith's Gift is a very well written, heartwarming, beautifully illustrated book that makes the perfect Christmas gift for any child in your life. You will enjoy it too.

An Orphan's Promise

Spoiler alert: if you haven't read The Blacksmith's Gift you may want to skip this review as not to ruin the surprise at the end of the first book in this 3-part series.

Mr. and Mrs. Kloss have taken in boy orphans for Mr. Kloss to pass on his carpentry skills to, and to help make enough toys for his Christ's Day rounds. An Orphan's Promise is about a girl orphan, Ruby, who convinces Papa to take her in. The rest of the story revolves around Ruby being accepted and accepting the love of Papa. Parts had me in tears. While the first book is my favourite, An Orphan's Promise is a very close second.

A Carpenter's Legacy

Two of Papa's "elves", Ian and Prita, have moved to the USA. The story tells of Ian and his granddaughter Ginny's delivering Christmas gifts to the sick children at Dr. Ian's hospital. At the same time Ian tells the story of how Prita and himself ended up with Mr. and Mrs. Kloss and what unfolded back then, including a story about the Christmas when they didn't have any presents to deliver. Ruby and Roif, from An Orphan's Promise, also make an appearance in Ian's story.

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Required disclaimer: I may or may not have paid for some or all of these books (over a year ago), so we'll assume I didn't and that they were sent to me for review.

*Disclaimer for those whose celebrations exclude St. Nick, elves and so forth.

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