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The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle by Douglas Weiss, PhD.

The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle is initially counselling lite, forgoing the counsellor. The author shares handy exercises a real life counsellor might teach a couple. (Just to be clear, this doesn't cancel out the need for counselling when a marriage is in trouble, and skimping on professional help is the opposite of the author's approach.) However, these practices may help you circumvent problems that require counselling. In just minutes a day you can strengthen your marriage through grateful statements, praying together, and many other easy ideas for strengthening your relationship. There's a whole menu to select from, so there's something for everyone.

This book isn't limited to ten-minute practices. The author covers relationship issues such as fighting fairly, forgiveness and having a whole support team for your marriage. One item that struck me was what the author called a "spouse attack", when you get into a mindset where you (outwardly expressing it or not) are tearing your spouse apart. Ripping your house down with your own hands, Proverbs would call it. Who hasn't let negative thoughts about one's spouse fester at one time or another?

The author also addresses common marital "Kryptonite" ravaging marriages today that requires extra attention, like sexual anorexia or drug addiction. I found that different considering most marriage books I've read basically say "if addiction is a problem, this book isn't for you." It is nice to see these topics actually being addressed. Weiss's speciality appears to be sex addiction. Visit his website at: .

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