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Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality by Jim Burns

Have you set this goal: To inspire in your children a lifetime of sexual integrity? Here's a book that can prop up that goal, helping you navigate what to teach about sex and at what age, how to be attuned to what your children are curious about, and how to model healthy sexuality in your own life. A list of both topics and discussion starters are included.

Sex is good, God made it so. But we all know our sinful nature has brought forth a culture that distorts sex, promoting sexual degeneration despite what God says. It's incredibly saddening how society's hypersexualization of younger and younger children is throwing our children's sexuality into a tailspin.

Teaching You Children Healthy Sexuality explains how to talk with your children about sex on a regular basis, acknowledging the awkwardness and difficulty of bringing up the subject. But wouldn't you rather be their primary source of information? The aim is to give your children a lifelong, healthy, godly, values driven standard for sex.

*Includes a chapter on sexual abuse and prevention.

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