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Seeing in the Dark by Gary Kinnaman and Richard Jacobs, MD

Lam. 3:20-23

Seeing in the Dark is the ideal book for any Christian who struggles with depression or is close someone who does. Some Christians think "depressed Christian" is an oxymoron. Some more extreme even think "ill Christian" is an oxymoron. Both are myths, and both can spiritually devastate a Christian who is struggling with an illness. If you're looking for graceful support and guidance on getting through depression, this is the book for you.

Written by both a pastor and a doctor, Seeing in the Dark covers the whole gamut of the physical and spiritual sides of depression. That makes it more complete than any other depression related book I've read or heard about.

One of the best spiritual topics covered is about "crowding out dark thoughts with God's thoughts." Dark thoughts have always been a hallmark of depression for me, and I can attest that it is possible to fight them with God's Word and not slip into them and into the hole, where even hurting yourself feels like an option. If that describes your current state, please get this book and open your Bible in the meantime: Romans 8, 2 Corinthians 12, Psalm 6, Psalm 31...

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