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Savannah By The Sea by Denise Hildreth

What a light-hearted, funny and romantic story! It was such a joy to read. Based on the main and title character, Savannah Phillips, this novel encompasses just over a week of this young lady's life. It is time for her family's annual vacation in the beach resort town of Seaside. Only this year they have some extra company. A yappy, irritating little puppy, a distraught wanna be Miss Georgia, who only made runner-up in the recent pageant, and Savannah's best friend, Paige, who was in essence tricked into coming along so Savannah would not have to suffer in solitude.

Savannah is a down to earth, smart and sassy woman who fairly recently broke up with her long-term beau. Much to her surprise, after arriving at their vacation destination, she discovers a co-worker is also vacationing at Seaside this year during the same week. This young man, Joshua, seems to irritate her on the surface, but we all come to discover that she actually has feelings for him, which blossom at a fast forward pace once she accepts that reality.

But life isn't always a bed of roses, as an idealistic Savannah soon finds out. Along with the entertaining and heartfelt story of a love destined by God comes a lesson in forgiveness. Something we must all must learn and keep in mind because we all will always fall short of each other's expectations in this lifetime. This is a sequel in a series that includes the previous novels "Savannah from Savannah" and "Savannah Comes Undone."

© Amy
Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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