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Renovating Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck

To be released in February 2007, Renovating Becky Miller is the follow up novel to The Secret Life of Becky Miller. It starts out a year or so after the first novel left off. As you may have guessed by the title, and the book cover (if you've seen it!), Becky and Kevin are moving into a fixer upper. Becky's 'A++ type' schedule also needs some renovating.

While Becky has toned down 'her' Super Christian aspirations, she is still filling more than one plate with to-do's and fix its. Those include problems heaped on from the lives of those around her: her suddenly unemployed sister/house mate, her best friend's illness, full time hours for her part time job at church, and (gulp) her MIL moving in- to name a few! There's always more!

While she's busy running around, her marriage becomes strained, and other important parts of her life are neglected. The renovation starts to go sour.

Will Becky learn to do her small part and leave the rest up to God? Will she figure out what she's supposed to do with the little time she has, and when and who she can delegate to or turn to? Will they find a way keep their new money pit of a house, and more importantly, will Becky reconnect with her husband Kevin before it's too late? Or will pushing their marriage to the back burner pull them apart forever?

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