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Princess Madison And The Whispering Woods by Karen Scalf Linamen

Many first met Princess Madison months ago in "Princess Madison and the Royal Darling Pageant." Readers learned then, as she did, that God will always be our Father no matter how we look or what we say or do. Her learning adventures continue in the newest saga, "Princess Madision and the Whispering Woods."

The story opens retelling the conversation Princess Madison has every evening with her father. She asks him, "Daddy, how much do you love me?" He answer is always, "My love for you is bigger than all the mountains in all the countries in all the world. It's greater than all the grains of sand at the bottom of all the oceans over all the earth. And it's brighter than the sun, the moon, and all the stars in the sky."

Our inquisitive princess innocently heads out of the castle for some fun, fully intending on returning before dark for some of Cook's freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. She ends up at the archery range. Despite having been told she was too young for archery, she sneaks in and shoots an arrow towards the target. However, the arrow ends up in the woods, where she is not supposed to enter; however, she must retrieve the arrow, so off she goes. Princess Madison discovers many interesting and distracting things in the woods. As night is falling, she realizes she is lost. Throughout her wandering, she is imagining how her father's answer to her nightly question would change because of the bad choices she has made.

The story ends with Princess Madison being rescued and her dad setting her straight about his unconditional love. Again, with beautiful illustration, a story is told that can be used to teach children about the unconditional love our heavenly Father will always have for us. It is bigger, greater and brighter than anything we could ever imagine, and will never change no matter what we may do!

© Amy
Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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