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Out Of Control by Young & Adams

Reviewed by Amy B

Doesn't the title of this book resemble most of our lives? It certainly caught my attention when it arrived. It's very easy to read, and gets your mind churning about things that attribute to the modern Out Of Control lifestyle, and ways to slow it down.

An interesting point, one I had not fully thought about, was the fact that all the technological advancements that were invented to make our lives easier have actually, in many instances, sent them spiralling out of control. Readers are advised on how to assess their lives to see if this is a problem for them, and are warned against the lies that feed into it.

Spiritual practices are recommended for acquiring more peace and rest for yourself and your family. One of the three I'll mention is the Sabbath. While we as believers are no longer in bondage to the law, there are some valid points brought up for observing some version of the Sabbath. I did not feel observing the Sabbath (partially or wholly) was being forced down my throat or that I'm doing something wrong by not strictly adhering to it. However, it got me thinking about how although God rested, He certainly didn't need the rest. It was suggested, and it really makes sense, that God rested on the seventh day as an example to us. Although we are created in His image, we need and will suffer without the rest He can do without.

Once the spiritual practices are fully explained, the authors suggest how you can move away from an out of control lifestyle. The three ways discussed are "move your priorities," "move away from technology," and "move into community." When you think about times you seem to be reeling, aren't a lot of them related to at least one of these?

Out of Control is sure to get you thinking. It also has a group study guide at the end.

You can find more details here.

© Amy
Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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