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Mom Needs Chocolate by Debora M. Coty and The Coffee Mom's Devotional by Celeste Palermo

I'm semi-combining these two reviews because they combine three of my most favourite things: mom devotionals, chocolate, and coffee!

Also, the authors have some things in common. They are being real. They don't try to fool you into thinking they have the perfect life. Their devotionals are rich with personal circumstances, and sometimes disasters, that we can all relate to. Their stories abound with scriptural wisdom that will touch you whether you've been there, are there, or are bound arrive there.

Debora M. Coty has the gift of wit and her 60 devotionals (3-4 pages each) are sure to encourage you.

Celeste Palermo is inspiring with 30 devotionals, which all contain references to many a mom's favourite beverage, and guest articles she calls "coffee breaks."

I'd love to stack these two mom's devotional books, wrap them with a pretty purple bow, some chocolate kisses and good beans, and give them to every mom I know.

© Rachel


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