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MADMAN by Tracy Groot

MADMAN is a historical suspense novel set in Christ's time, and yes, He does appear in it toward the end!

Tallis, a servant to a philosopher who set up a Socratic academy in Palestine, is sent to report on how the school is doing after many years. Instead of a good report, he finds the school long gone, along with the funds his master has continually sent it, and townspeople who are afraid to talk about what happened there. As he searches for the scholars who had taught there, he finds murder, mystery, and one frightening madman.

Once Tallis broke through to people who would talk, and started solving the puzzle, I couldn't put MADMAN down. Tallis and his friends must battle evil forces, in order to save a child from being brutally sacrificed to a false god, and to save the madman from his demons as well. The highlight, of course, is when Christ makes His appearance- and helps the madman in a way Tallis and his friends couldn't.

There is a superb twist at the end that I wasn't expecting, concerning who the madman is based on, and what he does for Christ as the story ends. At the end of the book Tracy shares some true historical notes that I found very interesting. It is a very well-written, and dramatically intertwined novel.

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