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Home Improvement: 8 Tools for Effective Parenting by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller

Home Improvement is the manual for producing obedience in children, and giving them tools to grow in character.

Dr. Scott Turansky and nurse Joanne Miller lead the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Their Christian ideals of obedience, repentance, good character, and self discipline, are weaved into their parenting advice. Best of all, their methods move children to "change their hearts," not just their behavior.

The 8 Tools for Effective Parenting show how to make obedience the standard in your household; without yelling, unconstructive methods of discipline, or anger. The authors also share tools for getting to the bottom of deep rooted problems that can affect a child's behavior; which are best handled now, rather than letting problems go, to crop up later and mar a a child's adult life.

While I've seen a lot of "should and shouldn't" books on parenting, Home Improvement takes it further by laying out hands-on steps and key points, to bring out a child's best behavior. It's not just another parenting ideology, it's "8 Tools" that can work in your family. It's "8 Tools" parents can put to use!

Must see:
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