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Hold You, Mommy by Laurie Lovejoy Hillard and Sharon Lovejoy

I regularly hear this question on the forums:
"Know any good, short devos for moms? For group study?"

Recently I received an ideal answer:
"Hold You, Mommy" by Laurie Lovejoy Hillard and Sharon Lovejoy Autry

This study book is arranged in 12 weeks worth of devos, 5 readings per week, and there's a spiffy Leaders Guide toward the end. In each chapter the authors share personal experiences of mommy and womanhood's worst and best moments. Each devo ends in prayer and an easy "Mama Drama" action to reinforce the moral.

Many topics that regularly come up on our forums are addressed in "Hold You, Mommy." For example: contentment, conflict and chaos are each tackled - the three little C's. (Christ overtook them all as the Big C, Amen?)

In one section which stood out to me, Laurie and Sharon discuss the sin of gossip. As they point out, our tendency to chit chat means we have extra opportunities to offend someone. Even online!

This book made me slow down and focus again on God, instead of that overwhelming sense of busyness that was weighing me down. I ended up dog-earing half of the pages to bookmark their gems of biblical wisdom. I'm certain the wisdom these sisters share can give any Christian mom a realignment, to focus on Christ... and to live, mom and all, in His arms.

© Rachel


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