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God's Heart For You by Marie Chapian

Have you ever wondered what God might say to you while addressing concerns such as fear, anger, lack of patience, or unhappiness? What would He say about laughter, thankfulness, helpfulness and strength?

There are just over 100 inspiring and well-written devotionals in God's Heart For You. All the devotions start with scripture and then contain conversations; covering what you might say and then what God would say in return, or, just what God would have to say about each topic or situation. They are all very eloquently and thoughtfully written. Also, every devotion ends with additional Scripture references for further study.

My only concern is a couple of the devotions remind me of the health and wealth teachings of the Word-Faith movement. It is very unlikely and I tend to believe they have nothing to do with it, but it caused me to pause when I read "The Gift of Wholeness" and "Lord and Why Do Some People Seem More Blessed Than Others?" Although I believe God will answer our prayers, whatever we ask for will be given within His will and His timeline and not within our own. In searching the web, I did not find anything written negatively about Marie or her writings and in another of her devotions in this book, God's timing is acknowledged as perfect. It could be I'm just extra sensitive because of what happened a year ago in the forums, but I felt I needed to address it.

Overall, this book would be a blessing and an encouragement for anyone seeking God's promises and truth.

© Amy
Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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