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Connecting With Your Kids by Timothy Smith

Ready to redefine your family's idea of success? To delve into a God inspired contentment with your life as is, so that you don't miss all the blessings God has put in your life already? Ready to connect with your kids?

Connecting With Your Kids can snap a parent out of the habit of keeping up with the "high things" (Ro 12:16): like a bigger house, cars, recognition, non stop activity, and other demands so overvalued in our culture. These are things some preachers even urge Christians to seek- but these non-eternal goals are vain and oftentimes detrimental. Realising family is what's really important is monumental to getting family life in line with God's will for your home.

After sharing insight on having a more content and simple life, Timothy describes the "heart prints" all people generally have. These heart prints range from a slow paced personality to rushing A-type preference for running the race of life. After helping you identify the heart prints of you and yours, he shares parenting/relationship tips tailored to each print.

Each chapter is followed up with questions, which makes Connecting With Your Kids a good contender for a parenting group study.

Ultimately the message is to place Christ at the center of family life. If you're too busy to read this book, then you'd better read it!

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