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Beyond the Lie by Alice Smith

The victim mentality is prevalent these days. Was it always that way, or is this something perhaps inspired by the popularity of "psychobabble" and self-esteem emphasis of recent years? Being stuck in the past is far too common nowadays. Many of us sulk in our past traumas. We probably don't have enough fingers to count how many people we know who have "issues with the past." Many of us are stuck in a melancholy, wounded mindset that opens us up to greater hurts and keeps us from enjoying life.

How can we be healed from these traumas? How can we be liberated from the painful events in our past? How can we deal with our "inability to live a full life"?

"You can move from defeat to victory," Says Alice Smith.

In "Beyond the Lie" Alice shares her story of being the victim of abuse at a young age, to growing into a victor in Christs name as her faith began and grew. The old monsters from her initial abuse kept popping up and wounding her, but eventually she threw off Satan's strongholds and submitted to the Lord to use her experiences for His glory.

"Beyond the Lie" can help you identify life altering moments in your past. Alice reveals how to change facets of your current thinking that keep those wounds open, like negative self-talk. She reveals how to be healed and restored with prayer and submission to God to be a victim no more.

Alice can help you realize that it is [of course] fully within God's ability to bring you into your new identity, in Christ, by losing the bonds (spiritual, emotional, etc.) that have a hold on you. You can be released from the evil strongholds of your past, and be held by our Father instead, in His strong hands. Take that offering of His to make you a "new creation," and change your life forever through Christ and His molding your heart, spirit, soul and mind.

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