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Being A Girl Who Leads by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

If you have a preteen or young woman in your life, you're going to love the influence Shannon Kubiak Primicerio may have on her.

In "Being a Girl Who Leads: Becoming a leader by following Christ" Shannon isn't trying to convince girls to run for class president. Her message is that Christian girls should stand their ground and adhere to God's Word when faced with peer pressure, common teen dilemmas, and even choice in clothing. She does a wonderful job of conveying the need for born-again teenagers to be leaders, in Christ, instead of followers of the crowd and what's in at the moment.

Many teens, even many who have attended church all their life, by into the lies; being popular is all-important, "sowing your seeds" is permissible, act out now with no cost later! Many are "snatched away" when they compromise on the beliefs their parents, pastors, etc., tried to sow in their hearts.

"Being a Girl Who Leads" can inspire your teen to instead lead and upright and godly life, being a shining light to those around her.

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