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Adelaide Piper by Beth Webb Hart

This is a story about the title character, Adelaide, who is a southern debutante coming of age in the early 1990's. As the oldest of three girls in a small blue collar southern town, in South Carolina, she dreams of getting as far away from home as possible.

While attending college an entire state away from home, tragic events lead to searching for and finding her faith in God. As most relationships go, Adelaide experiences peaks and valleys. It is during those valleys that her life just doesn't seem quite right. Thank goodness for Adelaide and for the rest of us that God never gives up on us. When we get distracted, too full of ourselves and start drifting away from Him, we get those little gentle reminders. Then, if those gentle reminders don't work, He resorts to gut busting wake-up calls.

"Adelaide Piper" runs the gamut on emotions, from love to hate, happiness to despondency. Some of the characters in this book have to deal with tough topics such as abortion, date rape and eating disorders. However, there is also light-hearted fun and romance to temper the more serious events that occur during Adelaide's college days. Most importantly, there's the sharing of what Jesus Christ did at the cross in a poignant but non-preachy way.

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Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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