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A Stitch in Time by Allison Bottke

A Stitch in Time is Allison Bottke's first novel. I've enjoyed her non fiction books and series, so I highly anticipated this new endeavour. I was practically glued to this novel one Saturday past.

The main character, Dee Decker, has had quite a year. She's a new Christian. Her career is taking off and she may soon make partner. She had gastric bypass surgery a year prior, losing 150 pounds, becoming the fashionista she's always felt like inside. She also just separated from her husband after catching him cheating.

She soon finds a spiritual mentor, a lady named Lily, who's been a Christian for some 85 years. Lily has a huge project for Dee. On top of that, her handsome nephew starts to shower Dee with attention!

It looks like Dee has a fresh start.

However, things soon go amiss. Dee finds herself spurned by old friends, battling with her children and soon to be ex, facing new challenges in her career, and worst of all- she winds up caught in a lie and a love triangle of sorts.

All those great things that had happened to her over the past year suddenly seem like mixed blessings.

Dee is swept off her feet in the end, in a romantic twist that will bring a smile to your face.

All in all, A Stitch in Time is about choosing to forgive or not, and figuring out God's will for our lives, even if it may not be the fantasy we imagined for ourselves.

© Rachel


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