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A Mother's Prayers For Her Children by Nancy Ann Yaeger

This exquisite hand-sized hardbound book (also available spiral bound) contains 260 prayers for moms to use in communion with God. You can easily use them for swift daily focused prayer and meditation or to prompt longer prayer sessions.

Each page covers one topic, giving a verse to meditate on, a quick devotional message, and finally a specific prayer to say for your child.

There are many subjects brought up in this book that are often overlooked when it comes to praying for our children. A Mother's Prayers For Her Children goes beyond generic prayers for safety and blessings, and brings to focus detailed issues to pray for concerning your child's walk with God.

Topics examples: Draw Near to God, Eagerly Wait, Honor Parents, Rich in Good Deeds, Wise, Sexually Pure, Content, Ready and Vigorous in the Truth.

You'll find this to be a worshipful addition to your prayer and devotional time. A Mother's Prayers For Her Children can help moms with the most hectic of schedules fit in quality prayer time.

A Mother's Prayers For Her Children would be a great addition to your Christmas wish list!

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