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WORDS OF WISDOM -- Proverbs 16:20

By Stanley Crawford

He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he. Proverbs 16:20

God's word, the Bible, provides us with guidance for any situation that life presents. A search through Genesis, Proverbs, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans, I Corinthians, and any other book reveals this fact.

We can develop a plan of action for problems that we encounter in our life through the study of God's word, the Bible. Our study should be mingled with prayer to God through his son, Jesus Christ.

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In order to do this and be effective, we must have faith in God and his Son, Jesus. Again, it can't be mentioned to many times, faith in God, study of the Bible, and prayer for understanding will lead us to answers for the challenges of life. Once we have our answers, we then have a choice 1) to heed the word, or 2) choose an alternate path. The choice we make often hinges on our level of trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As your guide, ask yourself these questions:

What is my level of trust in the Lord?

What choice will I make?

Will I heed the word wisely?

© Stanley T. Crawford
tanley T. Crawford, Ed.D. is an educator, poet, author, and Christian. He has written the children's book, Cinquains: Volume I. In addition, visit in order to find articles, poems, and poetic expressions that Motivate - Inspire - Encourage - Educate. Also, follow Dr. Crawford on Twitter, @Artistwithwords. Mailto: Copyright 2002.


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