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Tips for Memorizing Scripture

By Rachel

Tips for Memorizing Scripture My earliest experiences of memorizing scripture generally involved a scrap of paper with a verse, and just reading and repeating it aloud, and perhaps writing it repeatedly, until it stuck. Sound familiar? Here are some other possibilities, categorized using Neil Fleming's VAK/VARK learning styles model. Some suggestions overlap categories!


Art Journals – Using calligraphy or sketching the verse out in an artsy font, and filling the page with art, should have the verse in front of your eyes long enough to memorize it.

Gifted with graphic design? - Make and share graphics such as these scripture wall posts we share on Facebook. To keep the verses front and center you could set the graphic as your computer wallpaper, print it on a sticky note, or take this idea offline by:

Keeping a verse board (wet marker or chalkboard) - Pinterest is full of pins with chalk painted and framed boards or framed wet/glass boards. Or a simple version from the office supply store would do!

Bookmarks – This is how I memorized Psalm 23; by having a bookmark with the whole chapter on it that I read every night along with my usual bible reading. Bookmark sources include your local Christian bookstore, free printable Christian bookmarks online, or your own creations.

Color code/multi-coloured highlighters – To subtly alter the basic “read, reread" method, highlight the different parts of the verse(s).

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Tap to the rhythm – Tap on the table or tap your foot to each syllable to help the rhythm and stressed parts of the verse stick in your head.

Audio scripture – There are many sites like that have audio files of scriptures. Or perhaps for greater effect you could record your own.

Scripture to sing-songs – Many verses can be sung along to basic rhythms like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and other familiar tunes.

Songs already based off verses – From sources like Seeds Family Worship. Contemporary Christian musicians sometimes use direct quotes, such as the song "Thy Word". Many praise songs come to mind, like "As a Deer" and "Seek Ye First".

Learning to play the songs yourself – If you're an auditory learner, there's a good chance you can play an instrument and can take the premise of this category full circle.

Kinesthetic (Tactile)

Pace around – Subtly amp up the repetitive reciting or reading by pacing or doing some other movement.

Puzzle/game apps (you can also make your own) – Without an I-whatever, or even a cell, I can't recommend any specific apps, but they do exist! If you are code savvy, even a little bit, there are also programs to help you design your own apps quickly and easily.

Learning the sign language to a verse (or aforementioned songs) – Here's a page to help you figure out ASL signs for bible verses. There are uploads on YouTube by individuals giving sign language instructions for some specific verses.

A few extra tips

Study the verse – Dig into the whole context of the verse. Not to sound like I'm reciting some pious cliche, but all the better if the verses are written on your heart instead of just taking up space in your brain. – I use their online parallel bible to pick out the version of the verse that rolls of the tongue easiest while remaining faithful to it's true meaning. (Not meant as an endorsement of all the versions.)

Improve your memory - learn more about maximizing your memory. It's a skill you can improve!

© Rachel


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