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The Light

By Staci Stallings

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:104

My dad always says that God doesn’t put the light on your head so you can see way out into the future, He puts it at your feet so you can see the next step. While doing a walk recounting Jesus’ journey to Calvary, I was with a large group of women. The walk began at dusk and continued as the light around us faded and slowly vanished.

The leaders had given each of us a battery-operated candle. A single light. I hadn’t used mine most of the trip—preferring to walk the pseudo-journey up the Via Dolorosa in the dimming light as the world shut itself off around me.

Then as we rounded the curve after Jesus was crucified and on the way to see Him laid in the tomb, I realized that the older lady next to me was holding her candle closer to the walkway in an apparent attempt to see so she would not stumble. Immediately I took my candle out of my pocket and turned it on to help.

Unfortunately those candles were made to inspire the soul—not to light darkened walkways. My mind immediately said, “Gee, Stace, fat lotta good your puny little candle did.” At that moment from directly behind me, someone turned on a mega-watt flashlight, and the whole walk was clearly visible.

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In that instant, I got it. I don’t have to light the whole way for those around me. All I have to do is turn my candle on, and Jesus’ light will be right there to back me up. I simply must have the courage to believe in His light rather than my own so that I never think that I have to do it all myself. It was a lesson I needed to hear, and one I’m eternally glad He sent me on a walk through the gift He gave me.

Courage or fear. It's your choice.

© Staci Stallings
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