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For This Day...

By Lee Wise

Jesus, cause my heart to know
and follow the desires of Your heart.
(c)Lee Wise All rights reserved

For this day, Lord, ...

Keep my mind positive, my heart responsive, and my actions pure.

Strengthen me when I fail, forgive me when I fall, and remind me to be grateful for the many shades of grace that encompass my life in so many ways.

May a strong faith in you shape my decisions, preserve my character, and settle any pain of an unsettled heart.

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Cause me to hear when you prompt me to pray, listen when you seek my attention, and retreat when you call me to rest.

Give me an understanding heart that sees what you want me to see about the people I meet, the circumstances I am a part of, and person I allow myself to become.

May I share your joy of life, power for living, and hope for the future.

Guard all I am or hope to be by the knowledge of all You are and desire to be for me.


© Lee Wise
All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.


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