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Learn The Daily Bread Bible Study Method

By Andy Deane

The Lord sustained His people for forty years in the wilderness by miraculously providing fresh manna each morning. Regardless of how much manna they collected, it was always enough nourishment for that day. Similarly, the Lord wants to sustain us, every day, with fresh "spiritual manna" from His Word. The Daily Bread Bible study is one of the simplest ways to begin discovering the specific truths that the Holy Spirit has for us each day. This method involves five steps that will help you to meditate on a single passage of Scripture, discover its full meaning, and begin applying it to your life

To begin your Daily Bread Bible study, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Choose a passage, paragraph, or chapter to study
You will get the best results when you work your way through the Bible systematically rather than randomly. By studying the Scriptures in this way, you will also become familiar with the whole counsel of Godís Word.

Step 2 Pray - Ask God to meet with you
Before you begin your Bible study, spend time in prayer asking the Lord to reveal Himself to you through His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see Jesus today.

Step 3 Think about the passage you are studying
Reread the passage a number of times and thoughtfully consider what it is saying. Meditate upon the meaning of the text and how you can apply it to your life. Apply these six "Pís" as you think through the passage:

1. Picture it! Visualize the scene. Imagine how you would react if you were there. How would you have felt to be a part of what was going on? Is there anything in your life today that you can compare this situation to?
2. Pronounce it! Read the verse aloud several times placing emphasis on a different word each time. Note the different shade of meaning that is added by reading Psalm 25:15 in this way:

"MY eyes are ever toward the LORD... "
(This is personal - my responsibility.)

"My EYES are ever toward the LORD... "
(What are my eyes focused on today?)

"My eyes ARE ever toward the LORD... "
(Are, reveals a resolute position.)

"My eyes are EVER toward the LORD... "
(Forever and always: no turning away.)

"My eyes are ever TOWARD the LORD... "
(Am I heading toward Him today?)

"My eyes are ever toward THE LORD... "
(He is the one and only Lord")

"My eyes are ever toward the LORD... "
(Make a list of the names and attributes of the Lord.)

3. Paraphrase it! Restating the passage in your own words helps you to understand it better. Using contemporary language to express timeless biblical truths helps you to bridge the gap between the past and the present.
4. Personalize it! Put your name in place of the nouns or pronouns that are used in the Scripture and read it aloud (i.e., For God so loved ____________).
5. Pray it! Make the verse a prayer. The best way to express faith in God is by taking the promises and truths found in His Word and praying them back to Him.
6. Probe it! Use the S-P-A-C-E-P-E-T-S acrostic to help you locate the different themes of the passage.

Step 4 Plan one application
Write down one application based on the insights you have discovered through your study of the text. Writing your thoughts down will help you to fully think them through and make them easier to remember and apply. It has been proven that writing promotes memory, and helps you to express what you have learned more clearly, to others. Remember to make your application personal, practical, and provable.

Step 5 Carry your favorite verse with you
On a small piece of paper (i.e., post-it-note or index card) write down the verse that impacted you the most from your study and carry it with you throughout the day. Occasionally, pull the card out and read the verse. This will help you recall what you studied and keep those truths fresh in your thoughts. You might also want to use this system to begin memorizing Scripture.

The next two images show a sample of the Daily Bread Bible study method.

Daily Bread Bible study method

Daily Bread Bible study method

© Andy Deane
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