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Are You Hooked to the Power Source?

By Kimberly Chastain

As Christian's we are often very independent. We try to do everything and often feel we do everything. Are there times when you are frustrated, tired, irritable, and have no energy? I am not selling you a vitamin supplement, so don't worry. I have recently realized this past week how little I turn things over to the ultimate Power Source - God.

Lord, I cannot do this in my own strength. If the children argue one more time - I will scream. God, help me to know what to say without screaming. Lord, what is your agenda for me today - you know I all ready have one figured out. Do we see the many requests of our children as divine interruptions or just another thing to do on our list?

I know often I grow weary and God needs to fill my tank. We fill our tanks with junk food or junk TV for that matter, but do we go to the Ultimate Power Source?

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Do you feel some of the things that bother you are really to small to talk with God about or not a big deal? I am convinced that God wants to hear the smallest details of our lives. I have found when I share my frustrations with Him I take a deep breath and calm down. I have more patience with my children, spouse, or work situation.

Please don't hear me saying I have it all together, I certainly don't. I am learning daily to stay connected to my Power Source. That could be a prayer on the way to work or a prayer on the way home from picking up my children. I encourage you daily to connect to your Power Source even if it is a quick prayer for strength, wisdom, or whatever your needs are for the day. "I will supply all your needs, according to my riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

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Kimberly M. Chastain, MS, LMFT is a Professional Life Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She enjoys working with women to help them restore balance in their busy lives. Kimberly can be contacted at info AT kimberlychastain DOT com or visit her website at She has a free monthly newsletter "Pearls of Encouragement".


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