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83 Things That Really Do Matter: Part One

Short Shots On Living An Outstanding Life With Jesus

By Lee Wise

In my opinion, these things matter...

1. Trusting in Jesus when life hurts, doesn't make sense and offers no answers.

2. Listening enough to care and caring enough to listen.

3. Realizing that prayer is first and foremost a relationship as opposed to a religious activity.

4. Being a dreamer but not living in a dream world.

5. Praying hard instead of hardly praying.

6. Saying "It doesn't matter" and meaning it.

7. Allowing who I am in Christ to define who I can become as opposed to allowing who I was to bury me in regret, bondage to sin, and no true hope of experiencing what it means to be free in Jesus.

8. Being a positive influence in any way possible, to as many as possible, for as long as I possibly can.

9. Balancing justice with mercy and fairness with common sense.

10. Realizing I never gain by losing Jesus.

11. Being patient and patiently enduring.

12. Not allowing the failed expectations of myself or others diminish how I anticipate living my life for Christ in the future.

13. Telling God less and listening to Him more.

14. Earning credibility instead of demanding compliance.

15. Discipling my family in the ways of the Lord.

16. Valuing the wisdom of discernment, the danger of pleasure without restraint, and the joy of victory with integrity.

17. Being worthy of trust and trusting what's worthwhile.

18. Learning to wait for God's best in all things during all the seasons of my life.

19. Enjoying all things small and beautiful.

Keep Reading

20. Words that heal.
21. Words that help.
22. And words that encourage.

23. Reflecting my concern as a world Christian by asking the Lord to send workers into the countries He lays on my heart.

24. Forgiving myself for what I've done and others for what they haven't.

25. Gaining what I desire without losing what I should gain.

26. Maintaining the passion of purpose while avoiding the pitfalls of making hasty decisions with little or no discernment.

27. Watching "You've Got Mail" one more time.

28. Enjoying life for all it holds instead of holding out for all it has yet to become.

29. Giving praise without demands and encouragement without expectations.

30. Hugs.
31. Healing wounds.
32. And helping people realize their dreams.

33. Being gentle in my instruction, compassionate in my correction, hopeful in my forgiveness, and enduring in my commitment to help.

34. Knowing when I can, can't and shouldn't.

35. Laughter for the sake of laughter!

36. Leading while not forgetting how to follow.

37. Honoring the honorable and avoiding the painful errors of the disgraceful.

38. Knowing the power of commitment, the rewards of self- discipline and the meaning of faith in myself, God and others.

39. Leaning on Jesus with all I've got because of all He is.

40. Smiles -- lots of them.

41. Learning as much as I can for as long as I can.

Yours for many hope-filled days in Jesus,

(John 15:16)

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© Lee Wise
All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.


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