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Top Women's Ministry Ideas

Women's Ministry Survey Results
Originally featured at, December 2005
Compiled by Rachel @ Christian Mommies

The Surveyed

Last month we surveyed a few dozen moms: over half were thirtysomethings, and 20% were in their twenties.

The breakdown of their childrens ages:

55% with children aged 0-3
70% with children grade school (ages 4-9)
16% with preteens or teens
20% with adult children

The Results

Of these moms, about 40% say they are satisfied with their churches women's/mom ministries.

3% Of the respondents attend churches without any such ministries.

40% Of the moms thought their churches efforts in women's and mom ministry were average, more or less.

20% Responded saying they are not satisfied with the women's ministries effort (or lack thereof) at their church.

Overall, it is very encouraging to see more churches are going above and beyond than doing nothing at all!

Still, for that 40% with lukewarm reviews, and the 20% longing for services, we hope our 2006/07 features will be informative AND put to use!

Top Women's Ministry Ideas

Of the mom ministry ideas we listed, the top 9 ranked VERY IMPORTANT are:

MOPs and related (parenting) groups
Mentor matching program
Women's weekly bible study groups
Marriage mentorship program (Note: this one may have been boosted by the marriage mentor feature running at the time of this survey!)
Occasional women's only events
Mom's night out group (monthly)
Women's small groups
Single moms support group

The top 9 ranked IMPORTANT are:

Parenting and mom seminars/events
Widow support
Services for new moms (like providing dinners)
Childcare services for parents night out, once a mo.
Services for military moms
Homeschooling groups
Friend matching programs (same age)

Ranking as Somewhat Important, or Not As Important, were:

Craft or hobby related groups
General play groups
Secret sister program
Group mentorship program
Women's Sunday school groups
Women only Sunday night group

Each month from January 2006 to late 2007 we will feature information, interviews and resources about most of these ministry ideas. We'll present them in the order they ranked!

In the meantime, I hope the survey results perked your interest.


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