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The Top Women's Ministry Idea for Christian Mommies is...
MOPs and related (parenting) groups

Originally featured at, January 2006
By Rachel @ Christian Mommies

And no wonder! Especially for stay at home moms, having the regular support of other moms is better than chocolate.


MOPS, "Mothers of Pre-schoolers," is perhaps by far the most well known and largest mothering organization.

MOPS began as a small group in Colorado back in 1973. It's now an international organization with over 3400 chapters ran by local faith-based organizations. It has the kudos of Zondervan, Gospelcom and CTI, and moms everywhere.

It's web site ( has many features for members and guests, such as their MOMSense Radio. Yes, you can listen online! You can also find information about joining or setting up a local group.

The only complaint I've ever heard about MOPS was about one group being overtly commercial, but I've heard enough praise of MOPS to believe that isn't too common.

Each MOPS group is different, and that likely applies to all similar organizations. Moms who don't click with the first group they check out may find their perfect match in the next, if they keep seeking.

Moms In Touch

Moms In Touch International is another organization with a somewhat different primary cause: prayer.

Two or more moms meet to pray for their children and communities, usually for one hour each week, though it varies by chapter.

Some groups extend the time for fellowship (and coffee!), and give special events to draw more moms into their prayer group.


MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club is an international non-profit corporation hosted at numerous churches. MOMS Club is more often a "playgroup," verses a club hosting child-free (or baby-sitting on site) meetings. They do have some Mommy-only events such as "Mom's Night Out!"

Browsing the chapter websites I noticed a variety of activities and co-ops (baby-sitting, meal making exchanges) associated with MOMS Club. It looks very versatile.

Other Groups

There are dozens of regional Mom organizations and playgroups you may be able to find online, like the UK based Meet A Mum Association.

There are groups with very specific causes, like Mothers & More, which aims to serve moms who are working to balance a second job with their primary job of mothering. They also aim to help moms who have given up careers or "adjusted" their careers to concentrate on mothering. Most of their members are currently stay at home moms only planning to go back to work at some point.

Then there are very, very specified groups like The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

These groups tend to attract individual moms verses adoption by an entire church. However, larger churches may have the resources to provide varied mom groups tailored to specific needs and sets of moms.

From Scratch

Some churches will prefer the guidance and umbrella support of a known organization. Others may want complete control over their group, down to the name it goes by. With the advent of the Internet, notoriety via organization membership isn't so necessary as anyone can search for "moms group +'your town name'" and likely come up with a few results.

Many churches take mom ministries and playgroups into their own hands. If the leadership is there, and the effort is put forth, a home grown mom group can be very fruitful.

For those who do decide to have a go on their own, there are many resources to gather information that will make it a success: websites, books, audio CDs, etc.

Audio CD/Website - "Starting a Women's Ministry From Scratch" is offered freely as a gift for donations over $10 to Women By Grace Radio. It is an audio CD by two women who have much experience in this area. They give wise counsel about starting and maintaining a women's ministry, which they themselves have done in Gaylord, Michigan. Their ministry teams efforts have budded fruitfully, even growing the Women By Grace Internet Radio Program!

Website - Creative Ladies Ministry - Women's Ministry Planning Resources

Website -

Book - Creating the Moms Group You've Been Looking For : Your How-To Manual for Connecting with Other Moms (HEARTS AT HOME WORKSHOP SERIES) by Jill Savage

Book - Leading Women to the Heart of God: Creating a Dynamic Women's Ministry by Lysa Terkeurst (Editor)

Book - Designing Effective Women's Ministries by Jill Briscoe, et al (Esp. for larger churches)

Advertising Tip - There are sites that list groups and inquiries, such as Matching Moms. Your group could go online, exchange links with other mom groups, perhaps join, advertise in libraries and local mom-frequented businesses to draw new moms to your church.

Special Touch

"ADOPT A MOTHER Locate a young mother who doesn't go to church. If your church has a mother's club, bring this young woman to the meeting. Pick her up; make sure childcare will be available. Check on her during the week. Provide her with parenting materials (issues of magazines like Home Life and ParentLife). Talk with her about how a relationship with Christ helps a woman be a better mother. Talk about her need for personal salvation."
Quoted from, (CCSB) Ministry Ideas

Moms? Making a Difference Ministries is a moms group dedicated to serving the local community through leadership and teamwork. Through our service we are spreading the love and hope of Jesus Christ! We are currently forming chapter all over the United States! If you would like more information on how you can be apart of your local Chapter, or if you would like to start a Chapter please visit our website for more information!

Did I forget a large Christian organization? Do you have comments you'd like added to this the "Special Touch" section of this page? Email me and I'll update this page!


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