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Quotes from Women Surveyed & a List of Resources

Originally featured at, November 2005
Compiled by Rachel @ Christian Mommies

First a prayer... Christian Women Want Mature Christian Mentors Father, in the instant I was reborn into Your family, I gained thousands of new brothers, sisters and mothers. Thank you, Father, for this treasure.
Some of us are in the habit of withdrawing from our new family, even when we are gathered in one place. So much separates us! Even though we all desire that familial connection!
Please Lord bring forth workers for this cause, that we as Christians fully embrace each other as family and put into action the Word you've given to us for how we should interact as a close knit family.
Encouraging. Teaching. Praying for each other. Mentoring. Being friends. Being the quintessential family.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

WWW Articles

Making Devoted Disciples -How to be an effective mentor by Erik Johnson

How do I do this Mom Thing? Establishing a Mentorship by Tricia Goyer

Web Links

Beautiful Womanhood - Beautiful Womanhood provides marriage seminars and a year-long marriage mentoring program. To learn more about how to bring Beautiful Womanhood to your church, please visit the In Your Church page.

Christian Mentors - CM works with churches in recruiting Christian Mentors and learning how to implement effective mentoring programs.

Faith-Centered Mentoring and More - Features the Christ-Centered Mentor?s Handbook and Mentee?s Handbook (for men or women who want to develop in Christ-centered mentoring partnerships.)


"I mentor younger women - and I am mentored by older women. My life would be so blah if it were not for mentoring. God has blessed me with some awesome mentors - and some awesome 'mentees'... At the age of 38 - there's an awful lot of room for older women in my life! I look forward to seeing who else God brings into my life."
Kelly McCausey, Women By Grace Radio

"I think today most women are so busy they just don't have time to think about asking for help. And, they feel obligated to be an "all-encompassing" Mom, a do-it-all, know-it-all, everything to everyone type of person, even a Proverbs 31 type of woman. We cannot fulfill our role of being Christian mentors if they don't ask!"
Yvette Bergeron SFI, Grower(of)Flowers, Uri Int'l

"There's nothing really official here, but there are a few women that I really look up to and who make an effort for me... It's really nice when it works. I'm definitely the younger, but I hope to one day be able to pass things on!! More of an effort would be awesome. Kind of like when they do the adopt a grandma or whatever with the teens at church. More regular contact would be awesome too..."

"At 48, I am both mentored by older women and I mentor as well....the Lord has blessed me with many women older than myself to listen to and learn from....he knows I need an EXTRA measure of wisdom, so He has surrounded me with women who shine with the light of His son. I have had the priveledge of mentoring a few women younger than myself as well and it is such a deeply rewarding experience to see them grow in their faith..."
Debbie Wells, Hormone Health Natures Way Support Group

"...a mentorship program is very important to women as well as men. Women should mentor women and men should mentor men but it is something very important and not enough churches offer it."

"...I also have a lady at church who I consider my mentor. She has been there for me so much. I am able to talk to her about ANYTHING! We talk about spiritual things, and I can call her with questions regarding my marriage and how to take care of my daughter! She is awesome and I consider her my "other mother". She is in her 50's so I am the younger person here! I hope to someday be able to be the older one in a mentor relationship."

"I had the privilege of being mentored as a young wife and mother and have also mentored others. I once read a book on Titus 2 mentoring called Between Women of God by Donna Otto (who was mentored by Elisabeth Elliot). If your church has a diversity of ages (not just young couples), get to know some of the older women. I'm sure they have a wealth of wisdom."


Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women (Paperback) by Susan Hunt

Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor (Paperback) by Edna Ellison, Tricia Scribner

A Garden Path to Mentoring: Planting Your Life in Another & Releasing the Fragrance of Christ (Paperback) by Esther Burroughs

The Mentor Quest by Betty Southard

Women Mentoring Women: Ways to Start, Maintain and Expand a Biblical Women's Ministry (Paperback) by Vickie Kraft, Gwynne Johnson

Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor (Paperback) by Donna Otto

Between Women of God: The Gentle Art of Mentoring (Paperback) by Donna Otto

Women Connecting With Women : Equipping Women for Friend-to-Friend Support (Paperback) by Verna Birkey

Mentoring: Confidence in Finding a Mentor & Becoming One (Paperback) by Bobb Biehl

While addressed to men, info. from this book can be applied to woman-to-woman mentoring:
As Iron Sharpens Iron: Building Character in a Mentoring Relationship (Paperback) by Howard Hendricks, William Hendricks

To assist Pastors and Church leaders (applies to entire congretation):
Mentoring: A Tool for Ministry (Christian Leadership (Concordia)) (Paperback) by Henry A. Simon

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