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Supporting Christian Work at Home Moms

Originally featured at, October 2005
"...out of her earnings she plants a vineyard" - Pr 31:16b
An Interview with Jill Hart,
Interviewed by: Rachel @ Christian Mommies

Q: What inspired you to become a wahm? What inspired you to help other Christian moms?

A: When I got married in 2000, I knew right away that I wanted to be home with my children. My husband agreed, but we needed 2 incomes to make ends meet. I started learning HTML and began as a project to help me develop my web design skills. I thought that I would someday try to start a web design business. But, God had other plans. People began finding my website, asking to advertise and the rest is history.

Q: What are the most common reasons you find moms wanting [or needing] to work from home?

A: Most Americans unfortunately need a second income to make life manageable. Many can pay the bills with one income, but then have nothing left over. Once moms realize that many times day-care expenses leave them with little of their paycheck left, being at home seems even more feasible. Working from home eases the financial stress from both sides -- eliminating childcare costs and at the same time bringing in an income.

I've also found that most moms, especially Christian moms, desire to raise their children themselves. They want to instill their values and beliefs and see their children grow up. So many moms today miss out on the most influential part of their children's lives -- the daily grind.

Q: What particular needs do wahms have? Which are less likely to be met?

A: I think that WAHMs essentially need three things: the support of their family, the support of their friends and ways to network that can include or work around the needs of their families. Being a wife, a mom and a business owner can be difficult, but if you have these three needs met, you're well on your way to success.

Q: Are there other wahms in your church? Do you see any trend toward wahms connecting with each other via the church?

A: There are a few other WAHMs in my church, but honestly most people in my church aren't aware of my business. I try not to talk business at church. I think that many WAHMs do not want to make their church family customers, so they don't do a lot of networking at church. I think that church can be a great place to find support, though, and I would love to see this become more of a trend. Not using the church as a marketplace, but finding connections at church and using that to build relationships. These don't need to be customer relationships, but support relationships.

Q: There are mom groups for homeschoolers, mothers of various aged children, for sahms, etc.; do you know of any offline Christian mothers groups for work at home moms? Should churches consider this as a ministry option? Ideas?

A: A good friend and I are actually in the process of beginning a group like this. We will meet at a church, and will invite WAHMs, both Christians and non-Christians to attend. It will be a time of support, idea sharing and networking.

I am not aware of any churches that do this type of ministry, but I'd love to see it happen! WAHMs are a growing trend and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Q: For moms who need to earn supplemental income, how can help?

A: is a great place to start your search for a work at home career. We have so much information all in one place: a listing of telecommuting jobs, a home business comparison, a Message Board, and even a place where you can sign up to speak with moms who already work from home. All of these resources are FREE!

Q: What other resources would you recommend to moms who are contemplating or currently work from home?

A: One of the best resources I've come across is Melissa Howell's audiozine for moms. It's a Christian Audio Magazine for Stay-at-Home Moms on the Run! It's a great inspiration to me!

Extra: If you'd like, we'd love to hear a few success stories from ladies you've helped. We'd also like to hear how they find support online and offline.

"I have been a work at home Mom part-time for the last five years. I have six children whom I homeschool and one of my children is on the autistic spectrum. Going back into the labor market outside of my home simply is not an option for me. Yet I am like so many moms, I am required to work to make ends meet. As many of you probably share my passion, I have longed to not only work from home, but actually work for or with other Christians. I have visited Jill's site for the last couple of years and was excited to find an add for a position of US Distributor for a Christian based company out of Australia that sells Biblical curriculum for Sunday School and Home School. When the interview process began I began praying the Lord would open the door and allow this company to find favor with me if I was the right choice. What a blessing to share I was selected and have been absolutely delighted to work with this new company. They have been more than I could have prayed for! God is so awesome! I want to thank Jill for her site that helped me hook up with a godly employer!"
May the Lord bless you and keep you,
Julianne Bell, SonSeekers US

"Our company in Australia needed help to find an American distributor for our products. We tried many avenues to no avail. As Christian business people, we wanted to offer the position to another Christian whom we could trust. One day we stumbled upon the CWAHM website; we ran an ad for the position and received an overwhelming response. From the many enquiries we received one Mom who contacted us fit the position perfectly! She is now an official international representative of our product. Thank you Jill and CWAHM!"
Kind Regards and Blessings,
Jon Harry - Sonseekers, Australia

You can also find more success stories at


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