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    Unhappy Feeling down

    I think I might be pregnant, which is super exciting (although a lot sooner than expected). We recently moved to a new city and I'm feeling so lost. In the city that we used to live in (the city I had my other kids in) I had such a great support team and caregivers during and after my pregnancy. Now that we've moved I'm afraid that I won't find the same fantastic care!
    I was able to have a midwife as support with my second pregnancy. I had hoped to have a homebirth but due to health reasons I had to be transferred to an OB but the midwives agreed to stay on and once my son was born they took back over. It was fantastic and the closest I'll probably ever get to a natural midwife assisted birth. The midwives were so amazing and I so sad I won't be able to have them with our next children since we moved.
    Where we've moved I'm not sure if the midwives in this town will even take one look at me due to my past health concerns in my pregnancies and I'm so gutted.
    I feel so cheated that I can't have the pregnancy and labour I wish I could.
    I'm sorry for venting but I'm feeling so upset right now.
    I just want to have a natural homebirth experience and I'll probably never get that. I'm not sure how to deal with these feelings.

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    They could surprise you and end up being the very best, most open midwives ever too. Praying it works out for you, somehow.

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    That's very true. I've been trying to focus on the idea that maybe this time (which will be my last time) I'll have even better care! You never know! thanks though

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