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Five Golden Rules for Kids

By Jodie Lynn

Kids need good role models now! Here are five golden rules to try.

The Passion of the Christ has all of us thinking more about creating a more spiritual life at home. If we provide good role modeling at home, our children will take this acceptable behavior out into society, at school and at other children's homes.

Personally, I hope we can all do a better job with not only our children's Christianity, but our own as well. Let's schedule a chunk of time to help get this process started today.

Listen to your child. Did you know that children are naturally in touch with their intuition? If we listen to their wisdom, we will soon respect what they are saying and they will do the same for us. Model good and kind behavior.

Kids are spiritual beings. Be quiet when children talk. Wipe your mind clear and really listen. I talk about this repeatedly in my book, Mommy-CEO, revised edition. The poem on page 25 is exactly how I perceive the world in which we should teach and treat children. It says to "...teach them about God, as this is my final plea." If you have a website and would like to run that poem on your site as a daily reminder or print it out for gentle but assertive motivation, buy the book and do so. *Permission granted. :)

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Take time to use Bible verses. You may have to paraphrase a verse so they will understand it but it's important to share these with little ones. There are so many good Bibles out there for children and we even enjoy Veggie Tales.

Be Christ-like. Do good things for other's and let them see you do it. Encourage them to do the same. We should hold open a door for a handicap person, an older person in a wheelchair or anyone who needs help. We can smile and wink at the kids to show them have done something good for someone else. This shows them that everyone is important and everyone counts. If they are old enough, encourage them to do the same.

Show compassion towards pets. Most children love cats, dogs, guinea pigs and all types of creatures. This is the perfect opportunity to share the story of Noah's Ark and emphasize how important it is not only to play with them, but also to feed, water and make sure they are bathed and kept free of disease. This also demonstrates how taking the responsibility of their chores really helps.

Say prayers. Use simple prayers at the dinner table and at night right before bedtime. Depending on the age of your child, talk about the meaning of the prayer and why it is significant. Go into as much detail as you think they can understand.

* If you cannot afford a copy of my revised edition of Mommy-CEO, go to my site, answer any question from one of the columns, and your name will be entered into a list that we rotate in sending out a free copy. No strings attached!

© Jodie Lynn
Jodie Lynn is an award-winning internationally syndicated family/health columnist and radio personality. Her syndicated column Parent to Parent has been successful for over 10 years and appears in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and throughout the Internet. She is a regular contributor to several sites including,,,,, and Lynn has written four books and contributed to three others, one of which was on Oprah and has appeared on NBC in a three month parenting segment. Her latest books are "Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All!" (June 2006) and "Syndication Secrets - What No One Will Tell You!" (March 2006).
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