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5-Year-Old With Cell Phone
7-Year-old Afraid of the Dark
9-Year-old Stealing
11 Tips to Squash Back to School Stress
12 Easy To Follow Rules for Back to School!
A Doable New Year Resolution!
A Little Success Outside School
A Puppy for Christmas?
A True Chipmunk Story
Accepting Special Needs Siblings
After School Programs
All Moms Are Working Moms - Even Mother Birds!
Allowing Siblings to Pay/Trade Chores
Appreciation for Dads
Are Cell Phones, Ipads and Laptops Okay for Young Kids?
Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts for the Mom
Back to School
Back to School Pt.1
Back to School Pt.2
Be Honest About Vacation
Becoming A Sibling and Helping With New Baby
The Benefits of Day Camps
Best Friends Split, But Moms Still Friends
Best Time to Do Homework
Brainy Babies - Does Music Really Work?
Breaking Thumb-sucking Habit
Bullies - They Are Everywhere!
Busy Families Need to Sign Up and Organize Summer Plans Now
Buying Gifts for Grandparents - Even if Name is Not Picked in Family Exchange
Caffeine-Free Tea for Kids
Calendars and Kids' Activities
Calming Competition Between Twins
Calming Young Children at Doctor's Office
Changing Diaper on Wiggly Toddler
Charts and Bins Help Organize Kids
Chlorine and Sensitive Skin in Kids
Choosing A Dog/Puppy for 7-Year-Old
Choosing a Teen Babysitter for Summer
Choosing Classmates for Birthday Party
Choosing the Right Pediatrician
Christ, Easter and a Mother Bird
Church Can Be Fun for Kids
Competition with Football Watching Dads Might Equal: Football Orphans!
Constant Headaches During Pregnancy
Counseling or Divorce? After Cheating
Creating Peace in Blended Families
Credit Card Debt Can Ruin Everything
Cutting School Uniform Costs
Dad and Ex-Wife Compete to Buy Stuff for Child
Dad's Memory Kept Alive While He Travels
Day Camp for Reserved 8-Year-Old
Decorating Dorm Rooms
Dodging Techniques for Kids to Cope with Cliques
Don't be Spooked by the Teacher!
Don't Forget Unsung Heroes During the Holidays!
Dressing in All Black Not All Bad
Educational Fun Apps for Preschoolers
Exercising During Last Trimester
Explaining Sex to Kids
Explaining to Kids When Parents Separate
Explaining to Kids Why You Don't Shop at Certain Stores
Familiarize Hospital for 5 Year Old Before Surgery
Family Time, Getting Fit and Keeping it Free!
The First Annual AcadMOMMY Awards
Five Golden Rules for Kids
Forget Your Child. Are YOU Ready For Kindergarten?
Get Creative With Thumb Sucking
Get Kids to Help Save for Frivolous Items
Getting Along With Relatives You Don't Care For
Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night
Getting Back To Family After Military Service
Getting Cousins to Help With Chores During Vacation
Getting Teens to Pick Clothes Up Off The Floor
Getting Young Kids to Engage Again with Disfigured Loved One
Gifts to Please
Gifted and Talented Kids
Gifted Program for Five-Year-Old
Grandmother's Too Spicey Thanksgiving Meal
Grandparents and Inquisitive Three Year Old
Having Another Baby After Age 40
Healthy Vending Machines in Schools
Help for Poor Handwriting -- Get a Grip on it Now!
Helping Baby Walk
Helping Children Who Stutter to Read
Helping Elementary School Aged Kids With Math
Helping Older Child Adjust to New Baby
Holiday Stress
Holiday Stress: How to Cut it Out!
Holiday Toy Safety Tips
Homework and Schedules
Homework Success!
How to Talk to Children About Tragedies
How to Talk to Daughters About Early Physical Development
Introducing Kids to Dates After Divorce
Is 6-Year-old Too Consumed With Make-up?
Is 12 Too Young To Babysit?
Jealousy When a Sibling Tests Gifted
Keep a Healthy Mind and Stay Fit During Holidays
Keep Baby Inside, Out Of The Sun
Keep Family Trip and Still Make the Grade
Keeping Kids Quiet While Talking on Phone
Kids Learning How to Type
Kids, Allowances and Loans
Kids and Cell Phones?
Kids and Moving Blues
Kids Trailing Behind Parents at Mall
Kids Volunteering
Kids, Whining and Grocery Stores
Kids Who Head Off to Camp May Need a Little Extra Help
Learning Math During Summer Vacation
Learning to Read at Age Four
Legal Age for Tattoo
Let The Kids Negotiate Who Sat in Front Seat Last
Let's Get Real with Potty-Training!
Letting Go Of Teenagers
Letting Kids Be Kids
Letting Kids Do Their Own Homework
Little Ones and Bedtime Woes!
Low Energy for 12 Year Old
Making Money With Home Parties
Making Room for Baby
Mean Teacher or Disgruntled Second Grader?
Melt Downs Inside Stores
Military Family Has to Postpone Holidays
Morning Sickness for Pregnant Moms
Mother's Day (or Dog Day?)!
Moving and New Communities
Music and Brainy Babies
My Toddler Is Driving Me Crazy!
New Baby, Mom on Emotional Roller-coaster
New Teen Drivers
New Year's Resolution for Stay At Home Moms
Not the Best Table Manners
Nutrition for Teens: Healthy Choices
Parent-Teacher Conferences and Bringing Kids
Parties Just for Straight A Students
Paying for Chores
Picky Eaters
Plan Summer Activities Early
Playdate Rules for Inside the House
Playing - It Is Important!
Potty Training
Potty Training 101
Pregnancy and Swollen Feet
Pregnant Moms Are Healthier When They Eat Fish!
Preschool Requires Total Potty Training
Quick Last Minute Parent/Teacher Conference Tips
Rabbits as Pets at Easter
Re-Establishing Relationship With Daughter
Rowdy Boys at Soccer Practice
Rowdy Loud Kids in Restaurants
Rules for Play Groups
Sad Dad, Distancing Teen
Safe, Healthy and Wise Preschoolers
Scared of Overnight Camps
School Is Right Around the Corner!
Separated Dad Asks About New Pets
Sharing News About Cancer With Kids
Sharing Holiday Traditions With Adopted Children
Single Mom / Alcoholic Father
Six Year Old Too Young For Overnight Camping
So - You Want To Work From Home?
Special Ed Children and Siblings
Special Gifts for Mother's Day
Spoil a Newborn?
Spoiling Kids After Divorce
St. Patricks Day Activities!
Summer Fun Ideas for Kids
Summer Vacation Activities for Different Ages
Summertime Play
Taming a Ten Year Old's Tantrums
Taming Noisy Kids Playing Outside
Tattling and Telling
Teach Your Kids Listening Skills (the REAL ABC's)
Teaching an "Only" Child to Share
Teaching Kids How To Take Care of Pets
Teaching Tips on Reading Skills for Kids
Teen Choosing a Different Career Path
Teen Doesn't Want to Read Novel
Teen Rating Game
Teens and Curfews
Teen Wants Mom to Stop Borrowing Her Clothes
Teens Who Lie
Teeth Whiteners May Not Be So Good For Tweens and Teens
Texting at Dinner Table
Things to do When Traveling by Car During the Holiday Season
Thirteen Too Young For Tattoo?
Tips to Stop Spreading Germs Inside and Outside Home
Toddlers and Separation Anxiety
Too Many Boys in Preschool Class?
Training Young Girls to Respect Modest Attire
Treating Cradle Cap
Triplets Are Picky Eaters
Twenty MUST ASK Questions in Selecting a Preschool
Unspoiling Your Spoiled Kids
Vacation Time
Volunteering is Magical!
Weaning Baby and Working Mom
Weddings and Kids
What Is Your Child Eating While Away From Home?
What To Do When The Bullied Becomes A Bully
What to Tell Kids About the Divorce
When Do I Feed Baby?
When Teens Are Turned Down for College
When Thanksgiving Becomes Weary...............Make it easy
Working at Home and A Hitting 5-Year-old!
Working From Home With Young Kids
Yo-Yo Dieting Doesn\92t Work

© Jodie Lynn
Jodie Lynn is an award-winning internationally syndicated family/health columnist and radio personality. Her syndicated column Parent to Parent has been successful for over 10 years and appears in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and throughout the Internet. She is a regular contributor to several sites including,,,,, and Lynn has written four books and contributed to three others, one of which was on Oprah and has appeared on NBC in a three month parenting segment. Her latest books are "Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All!" (June 2006) and "Syndication Secrets - What No One Will Tell You!" (March 2006).
Please visit for details on her new radio talk show, Inside Parenting Success.


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