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Ten Things A Mom Discovers When Spring Arrives...

By Cheryl Moeller

1. It's no longer appropriate for mom to wear snowshoes in church.

2. Mom's sweater with the big moose will scare people on Easter.

3. You can take the shovel out of the front seat and let your spouse sit there again.

4. When Little Ricky asks for salt at the table don't hand him a 20 lb pound bag.

5. Dad no longer needs a pick-up truck with a hydraulic blade to get a Big Mac after midnight.

6. Mom shouldn't plan on driving her mini-van that far out onto the lake to go ice fishing in May.

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7. The cheap tickets mom just bought the whole family on-line to the Vancouver Olympics are probably not going to be all that much fun.

8. If mom's favorite store is still offering "After Christmas Bargains" they are probably dealing in stolen goods.

9. Dying dad's long underwear a spring color is not a spring fashion statement.

10. The skin on the kid's arms is still there -- even if you haven't seen it for six months.

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© Cheryl Moeller
Cheryl Moeller is an outrageous Mom who wants to help save your sanity as a young mother (she's still looking for hers). She's been married to Bob for 28 years (he too believes a mind is a terrible thing to lose). Their six children reluctantly admit Bob and Cheryl are their parents and range in age from 8 to 25 years. They use psuedonames for obvious reasons: Duke, Missy, Pooka, Skippy, Megs and Kenzie. Cheryl has co-authored two books (which some call genius, others mere words on a page). Read more of Cheryl's comedy at Or you can contact her at momlaughs@gmail to speak at your next event with clean comedy. She's now a syndicated humor columnist with four online Mom's magazines with more in the future.


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