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Camp Stats

By Cheryl Moeller

8: Kids in one cabin and one counselor.

2: Percent chance that the camp nurse will have my immunizations record that I emailed her (always bring another copy).

200: Letters I mailed to camp.

1: Postcard I received from camp, one week after camp was over.

221: Emails she has received from camp friends.

20: Snacks she packed in her suitcase, just in case.

2: Stuffed animals that were stuffed into the suitcase pockets

2000: Cookie crumbs I found on the bottom of her suitcase upon her return home.

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1000: Times a day that I thought about MacKenzie.

12: Java chip ice cream cones eaten in one week (by MacKenzie and her bunkmate Lindsay).

1: room I painted while she was at camp (her room).

18: Times a day I was hoping she was having fun and staying safe.

1: Great camp counselor who got an extremely large thank you gift.

8: Cabin mates who signed MacKenzie's camp tshirt on the last day.

3: Cats she wanted to adopt and take home from the camp barn.

3: Packages I just found that I forgot to mail to her.

15: Socks left at camp.

31: Pairs of shorts left at camp.

10000: Smiles in the car on the way home from camp.

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© Cheryl Moeller
Cheryl Moeller is an outrageous Mom who wants to help save your sanity as a young mother (she's still looking for hers). She's been married to Bob for 28 years (he too believes a mind is a terrible thing to lose). Their six children reluctantly admit Bob and Cheryl are their parents and range in age from 8 to 25 years. They use psuedonames for obvious reasons: Duke, Missy, Pooka, Skippy, Megs and Kenzie. Cheryl has co-authored two books (which some call genius, others mere words on a page). Read more of Cheryl's comedy at Or you can contact her at momlaughs@gmail to speak at your next event with clean comedy. She's now a syndicated humor columnist with four online Mom's magazines with more in the future.


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