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Ask A Twin Mommy

1 + 2 = 3: Challenges When Adding Two Children To The Mix
A Tender Topic, And Telling Twins
Anxious About Aggression and Disagreements on Discipline
Bargain Hunting for Double Babies
Best Timing for a Twin Baby Shower?
Bidding Adieu to Double Bottles
Bigger Faster, Feel 'Em Sooner?
"Bye-Bye, Binkies!"
Crazy from Constant Correction?
Decisions on Delivery x 2
Desiring Another Duo?
Divided Does Not Mean Conquered!
RE: Double the Biting?
Double Bubble Dilemmas
Double The Disturbing Speech?
Dual Defiance?
Duos and The Dark
Re: Friends In Need are Friends Indeed
Grandma's Rules
Have I Desecrated the "Twin Bond"?
Messy Meals With Multiples
"Mine", Times Two!
Monkey See "No-No", Monkey Do "No-No"!
Multiplying Post-Multiples?
My Twins Have Different Sleep Patterns!
My Two-Year-Old Twins Are Having Tantrums!
Nap Needs Navigation
Numbers Of Nappies?
One Invitation, Two Twins
Operation Dual-Occupation!
Poop Art and Potty Training
Potty Training Twins
Re: Plural Pregnancy Paranoia
Second Set Statistics?
Staggerered Schedules and Needing Sleep!
Staying at Home With Twins
Sudden Sleep Issues & Middle of the Night Munchies
Testimonies From the Twin Trenches: Potty Training
Time Outs? At What Time?
Tips for Fun with Two Tiny Toddlers
Toddler and Twins On The Way
Transporting Twins?
Twins and Seeing Eye-to-eye
Twins Fighting and Housework Woes
Two Babies...Two Cribs or One?

Feel free to contact me with your experiences in twin potty-training, or with any twin parenting dilemnas you may have at I hope to hear from you!

© Cheryl Lage
Author of "Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice From Pregnancy Through the First Year" from Taylor Trade Publishing (2006), Cheryl is a fully-mobile, full-time mom to four-year-old fraternal twins, Darren and Sarah. Cheryl's unabashed honesty, vigilantly supportive style, and willingness to share "what works" have made her a requested speaker on a broad range of topics, twin-related, and otherwise. Check out her website @


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