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C'Moms Speak! Summer 2009 (Overstressed)

By C'Moms Members

What do you do when you feel like it's all too much?

I come here to vent and then ask you ladies for prayer. It's always worked for me! I get lots of wise advice and encouraging comments and prayer to boot! I don't know what I'd do with out C'moms! I love you ladies!

I go see my sisters. I have 3 of the most awesome sisters ever, and we'll all get together at our parents house and just talk, laugh and play games. With them I know I can be myself and they'll always love me just the same.

Timmys mom

I whine and cry and stomp my feet and scream.
And eat lots of chocolate.
Oh, and put in my resignation.


I try the resignation thing Tara, but they keep refusing to accept it! Ack! LOL
I usually call my Mom or talk to my hubby and VENT. I try NOT to post things since they are 'forever' in writing and sometimes when upset, we think/say things that we regret later. I tend to be PRETTY DARN private overall unless I REALLY, REALLY know a person.
Hot showers, LOTS OF chocolate (thus my hip size! LOL), Indulge in Starbucks for something hot to drink since warm things are soothing typically to me, listen to music, and I'm with Tara, at times, WHINE! ;0


Crying to God is my first response. I don't generally take things to dh because I don't want him to feel burdened to "have to" fix things. But I do cry and in my heart pray.
My second response is to blog. Writing has helped me so much, i usually start out frustrated and overwhelmed and by the end of my post I gain perspective and my spirit is in the right place. (Kind of like having a counseling session with yourself! LOL)
My third response is to come here and read everyone's posts, and then facebook.


First thing I do is pray, have my conversation with the Lord, begging, crying, wondering how much more He thinks I can withstand. Than go to my hubby and also come here on cmoms for prayers and advice.
After that I love to bake a fresh batch of brownies (hide the bowl and lick the last end bit for myself), and then clean like a mad woman. Cleaning always has been my overwhelm, worry, upset soother. Nothing like prayin' and scrubbing on my hands and knees, making my entire house clean.


Cry. A lot. Sometimes I just have to go to my room, have a really good cry and get it out of my system. Going for a walk helps, but it can be a little embarrassing walking down the street with tears streaming down your face. But it is a nice quiet place to be to pray and try to get some answers from God.


I take a deep breath and tell myself that I can make it for just one more second, when things are going crazy. Then I try to prioritize my health and sleep, get a break from my toddler, take a warm bath with lavender oil and do things that are relaxing.


I do something really silly. Sometimes I do forget to call on God, but usually it's the first thing I do. Then I go and make myself laugh somehow, talking to myself. I also put praise music on and dance. Praise and worship lifts me too. If Im just overwhelmed I will go on my knees and just pour my heart out but sometimes I feel really tense, Ill have a hot bath or get the kids to give me a massage.




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