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C'Moms Speak! Summer 2007 (Why Read The Bible?)

By C'Moms Members

Why Read The Bible?

"Because it is our spiritual food and it's a way to get to know God better."

- EvaS

"It's a way to know God more. The more I know who God is and what is acceptable to Him, and what is not, the more I can live a godly life. Also God speaks to me often through His Word."

- RachelinLA

"It's at first an act of obedience. As a new Christian, cultivating the daily habit of reading God's Word was difficult. But I knew He wanted me to, He desired for me to and He commanded us to. God desires our obedience.

Now it is a way to hear from God, a way for me to find joy, peace, thanksgiving, direction, wisdom....oh, many countless things. Most importantly, it is my way of learning about my God. How He feels, what makes Him happy and sad, what He thinks of me.

Now if you are asking what to say to someone not saved when they ask that question, I would probably say what I wrote in the 2nd paragraph. And add that I used to think life had no instruction manual, but now I know differently. I read the Bible to help me figure out life and my purpose here in this life."

- HesAlive

"Would you try driving a bus or a train without reading the instruction manual? Or would you major in business if you were trying to get a job as a History teacher? A smart person would say 'of course not that's ridiculous!'

Well if you are a Christian, then you should want to know how to walk the Christian walk. You should want to know why and what you believe. If you want to be successful in life, the Bible is our handbook.

If someone sacrificed their life for me, I'd want to learn everything about that person. Christ died so that I may have the opportunity to go to Heaven, I want to know who He is and why He would do such a thing for me!

The Bible is God's love letter to us. It is His way of showing us that, even though we can not see Him or feel Him physically, He is real and He does love and care for us.

Why read the Bible? So you can have a relationship with the one who loves you enough to die for you. So you can become one at heart with His."

- savedbygrace

"Reading the Bible is so important because it helps renew our mind. There is so much junk in this world that we fill our minds with: TV, movies, music, even the things other people say to us. Sadly, many things you hear are not positive, and not true. The Bible is so refreshing, because when you read it, you know it's true. So it is not only our guide, but also the key to helping us think and act more like Jesus, which should be our goal as Christians."

- timmys mom

"Reading the Bible is important, because like mentioned above, it's our life manual. It gives us insight on how the Lord wants us and expects us to live our lives, as followers of Him. Also important... Because we serve a living God, He can use His word to speak to us."

- Godzgirl



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