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C'Moms Speak! September 2007 (Homeschooling Materials)

By C'Moms Members

Where do you get your materials for homeschooling?

"I use a variety of curricula, and often order a little at a time, from a variety of sources. Our math curriculum is 'specific'. It is only available through Math-U-See. New, that is. Used copies can be found wherever used copies of anything can be found (Vegsource, Ebay, etc.)

Rainbow Resource is a good 'one stop shop' for all your curriculum needs. They have loads of choices for every subject, and then some! Great prices too!

Christian Book Distributors (CBD) has some stuff as well. I often buy my history through them. Story of the World, also available direct through Peace Hill Press, is a good source for Saxon as well as several grammar curricula.

Timberdoodle is another 'one stop shop', though I've never personally shopped there.

Veritas Press is another source for specific kinds of curricula. They cater to the classical method. You won't find just 'anything' there. You will find a couple Latin programs as well as SEVERAL books for history. Lots of classics: Beowulf, Narnia, Shakespeare... If you want your own copy of those things, rather than repeatedly borrowing from the library, which we do a LOT.

I think that covers the only places I look for my stuff. I know those places have what I want and have been impressed with their pricing."

- ~Tara~

"Ebay is my new found love. I also check out local used curriculum sales and swaps. I also get stuff at our local KnowPlace. I love teacher stores.

I love We use it for book reports, history lessons, and some unit studies for history and science."

- JeanineAnne

"I use Alpha Omega, A-Beka, Children's Books, and CBD."

- Leslie, luvmy4sons

"We will be using A-Beka, How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, various workbooks, flashcards and"

- Becca, mamatotwo777

"I am trying Bob Jones this year. I heard it is better in the upper grades. We are using their whole 9th grade DVD program.

When she was younger we used A-Beka and Sing, Spell, Read and Write. I was happy with both. Then she went to school, and her school used a combination of A-Beka and Bob Jones."

- Mary, mama4ever

"I'm just starting out with homeschooling, but I have a favorite site to share. I use some of the ones listed above too, but my favorite is I find what books/resources I want, then look it up on campusi and it searches many sites to find me the best price out there (and on a budget, every penny counts!)"

- Paula, Taulbania

"I use a variety of materials. All four children are using Horizons math and Christian Light Publications for Language Arts. We are using Trisms Historymakers for history for the older two (ages 11 and almost 9). We are using 50 States under God for the younger two. We are using Christian Light Publications for reading. We are using PowerGlide Spanish. For science we are using a mixture of God's Design by Answers in Genesis; Considering God's Creation, the astronomy book, the weather book, the geology book, and Exploring Creation with Astronomy. I am using Learning Language Arts through literature (blue book) to help my daughter learn to read. We use Rod and Staff penmanship. Finally we are using the Institute for Excellence in Writing for our writing program."




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