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C'Moms Speak! October 2007 (Autumn Activities)

By C'Moms Members

What activities are you planning for your family this Autumn?

"There is this wonderful place outside of Omaha called Vala's Pumpkin Patch and they have a huge pumpkin patch and a petting zoo, pony rides, campfire pits and places to do different fall activities. I plan on taking Rhyanne there some evening and having a wonderful time! We did it last year and had a blast!"

- RhysMom

"When it gets to Bonfire night I will be enjoying a nice jacket potato supper with Sinead, with fire works in the yard. If the weather is nice then we will go collecting leaves in the park, and also fir cones to decorate for Christmas. Autumn for us as a family is celebrating what God has given us and watching the season change."

- Blessed 2 B Zoey

"1. Wagon ride to pick out pumpkin in pumpkin patch
2. Hay ride and cookout with church
3. Raking and jumping in leaves with DS and DH
4. Going for walks and crunching through the leaves
5. Possibly doing leaf rubbings
6. Fall party at church with crafts, food and fun!"

- PianoMama

"1. Fall leaf project (kids have to collect fall leaves, label them and create their own unique presentation/booklet of them)
2. Apple-picking
3. Today we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch which included the fun barn (full of straw), hayride, pumpkin picking, donut and apple cider...yummy
4. Camping at Hocking Hills
5. Bonfires...favorite part of fall
6. Harvest Party at church with pumpkin bowling, carmel apple game, the pumpkin sermon, hayrides, bonfire...etc."

- JeanineAnne

"We live about an hour away from some of South Carolina's most beautiful mountains, so we LOVE to take a day trip up and see the leaves changing colors and visit various nature spots. The kids really enjoy going on picnics at our local fish hatchery's park, and visits to the peach orchard nearby. We usually pick up some fruit and bring it home to make jelly and fruit pies."

- kanaclark

"We are having DS 5th birthday party mid Oct. and it's a FALL HARVEST theme outside. We are having pumpkin games, we made a pumpkin pinata, and we are doing a game looking for an acorn that's painted Gold. I am serving warm apple cider and fall food. DS is getting very excited about it. We are talking about the leaves changing color and what fall means and that winter is coming. We also made fall leaf sugar cookies and iced them."

- 1Cor13



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