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C'Moms Speak! November 2007 (Thankfulness)

By C'Moms Members

Q: How do you put thankfulness/gratitude into practice in your family?

"When we pray, we ask our son what he's thankful for. He usually says 'thank you mama, papa,...' and goes through the relative list. Also when things happen that only can be explained by God, I say 'Thank you, Jesus!'"

- Kate, PianoMama

"My husband and I take every oppurtunity we are given to thank the Lord for everything he has given us and done for us. Not just verbally, like saying grace at every meal.. we do that too of course but, we try to show it in other ways too. Like dh (hubby) is very modest when he 'brings home the bread' so to speak-- he never takes credit for a blessing. Even though he works hard and goes with out sleep many days at a time, sometimes just to make ends meet, he is always sure to give the credit where it's due. I beleive that has really had an impact on my daughter. She is such a greatful child!"

- Ashlee

"I pray with Timmy and ask him what he's thankful for. He usually says, "thank you God for God, and airplanes and cars, and windows," and he'll usually then look around the room and name just about everything he sees. I also try to remember that actions speak louder than words. I thank him for helping me, and try to always remember to say thank you to others. He'll pick up on that more than anything else."

- Chrissy, Timmys mom



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