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C'Moms Speak! March 2007 (Sunday Morning)

By C'Moms Members

Q: How do you make Sundays run smoother- getting the kids (and hubby) up and off to church?

"Do as much as you can the night before.

Decide on clothes, iron if necessary, lay them out/hang them on doorknobs, whatever. That way you won't need to stand there at your closet, in the morning, deciding what to wear. Plus, the little ones know what they will be wearing; so, no "I don't want to wear that!" issues as you're trying to rush out the door. It's settled the night before.

Look into making breakfast casseroles. Breakfast can be prepared the night (or two) before, popped in the oven as soon as you wake. It bakes while you're getting dressed.

Nothing beats a good night's sleep. Make it a rule that every one to be in bed by X time the night before. Have some nice family down time before bedtime. Then, get every one tucked into bed at a decent hour. Every one should awake well rested, and hopefully cheery.

In the morning... greet the new day with a smile. Greet the household with a smile. Think happy thoughts. Remember where your focus should be, and try to maintain that. Spread the joy! Be excited! Church isn't something we do just because that's what we do. Find the joy!! We are going to worship the LORD! That is AWESOME! Woohoo!

Talk to your husband about what tasks you would like help with. If you have 3 little ones that need help getting everything together, let him know you *need* his help. Give him a task. Don't just expect him to pitch in. Talk to him (uh, not on Sunday morning mind you) and let him know with what you need help. Can he help with the kid's baths the night before? Can he get breakfast cooked (casserole in the oven) right away in the morning? Can he tend to child #2, while you take care of #1 and #3?"

-Tara in KY



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