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C'Moms Speak! April 2008 (Housekeeping Tips)

By C'Moms Members

Q: What are your favorite housekeeping tips and resources?

"Okay, this really doesn't help the cleaning much (LOL), but I am highly 'scent' oriented, and to keep motivated on cleaning days I burn a huge lemon candle which makes the room I walk through to get to every other room in the house smell fresh and clean and crisp. It keeps me motivated to 'see' that smell - and clean more!"


"I really like all the resources at"


"Simple Green! You can use it on practically anything. It smells wonderful and cleans better than anything else I've tried so far! It mops our wood floors beautifully, and I even use it on an antique, roll top desk we got from my parents... it looks beautiful! It seems to just melt away crumbs that are stuck to walls, fingerprints, and it cleans baseboards beautifully!

My other miracle cure is Isopropyl! It disinfects faster than bleach, doesn't smell as strong, so it won't make you pass out from long exposure, and you can use it in a bathroom from the mirror to the floor! It shines up Stainless Steel and other metals and gets windows cleaner than expensive windex... and it only costs 89 cents per bottle. Just make sure you get 91% not 70%; the 70% has more "oil" in it than the 91%. Isopropyl can also be put into a device called a Lamp Berger and put into a REALLY stinky room, then in less than thirty minutes, the smell of dirty diapers, cooked fish, or dog vomit is no where in "sight". I love my Lamp Berger!"


"Love, Love, Love Simple Green. You can even take it and use it in the laundry if dh (dear hubby) has gotten grease or oil on his clothes - and it is nontoxic. You can find it in Walmart, dollar stores, and even in bulk at Sam's, and probably Costco. It is a very good cleaner for anything, especially grease. We have even used it to wash our cars. It is non toxic, and I try to be a stickler for that in our home.

Well the weather here today was actually nice and warm, but instead of us being outside my children willingly helped me clean up their playroom. We emptied the entire toy box and sorted through things to give to give to Helping Hands, threw stuff away, sorted through and organized things into specific tubs and even washed all of the dress up clothes. Whew! I feel really good about all of it. And the kids had fun helping..."


"This page has lots of good and interesting information. Some of the ideas are... surprising."


"In the process of not allowing myself to have emotional attachments to things, I have realized I have so much clutter! Someday I may have to choose between fleeing for the sake of Christ, with just the clothes on my back, or looking back at sodom and choosing to stay with all my "stuff"!

So, I'm learning to throw things in the garbage and recognize that they are just junk, regardless of whatever memories are associated with them. Memories are for my head- junk is for the garbage!

Anyway, it's really freed up a lot of room around here. (LOL) There is my spring cleaning tip: don't be storing up treasure in this world. It clutters up your house and frustrates you!"


"Something that helps me when I'm cleaning is wearing my sneakers/tennis shoes. If I wear slippers or just socks, I don't feel quite as motivated! I know....I'm a weirdo!"


"To wrap it up, I have to mention Fly Lady!"




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