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Writer's Guidelines - Getting Published at C'Moms


We have a few secular and non-Christian authors in our archives, but we prefer biblical, Christian authors as they share our audience's worldview.

To get an idea of the topics we cover you can browse around Topic's A-Z for a few minutes.

For allowing us to use your article reprint or donated original content you will receive plenty of FREE advertising (Keep reading to find out more!)

Our requirements for content submitted are as follows:

  • Please proofread your article before submitting.
  • Please include a byline about yourself below your article, including your URL(s). Authors receive as long of a bio as they desire (within reason).
  • Do not email your article as an attachment. All attachments are automatically deleted.
  • Christian Mommies reserves the right to refuse your article(s) or delete them in the future for any reason, without explanation.

We have no policy against unsolicited manuscripts simultaneously being submitted and published in other publications.

If we decide to use your article:

  • You will hear from us before we post your article(s).
  • Your bio will include your links and possibly Amazon links/images of your books (if applicable).
  • Your article will be featured on the "What's New" page for around one month (5 weeks on average).
  • By Admin's discretion, your article may be linked to on our social media pages.
  • You'll be listed in our author index, as long as your content remains archived here.

Added bonus!

Feel free to add us to your press list.

If your primary writing audience happens to be Christian moms, our Editor-in-chief would like to have a working relationship with you. Please contact Rachel to network.

Special Notices

Remember to contact us with any future bio updates. It only takes us 3 seconds to update a bio (which is contained in one file per author) and we prefer they remain current! It's common for authors to dump old sites and never send us their news links - I recommend keeping track of where you're published so that doesn't happen to you.

We often get emails requesting permission to use articles posted here in print magazines, church newsletters, and newspapers. We will forward any such requests to you.

Contact us with your submissions.

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