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Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
A Fathers Value
Are Your Kids OK?
Do You Play with your Kids?
Does Praise Help our Kids?
Expose the Damage: TV and Kids
Fathers vs. Mothers Parenting Style
Fighting the TV Culture
Kids, Rudeness, and Teaching Moments
Marriage, Divorce, and Kids
Marriage Survival: The Holidays and Beyond
Men, Wives, and Arguments
One Parent's Holiday Moment
Parents, Chores, and Kids
“Real” Fathers Day Gifts for Dads
The Secret of Relationship Success
Simple Living Amidst a Holiday Frenzy
Simple Living in a Materialistic World
Teaching Your Kids Manners
Ten Reasons to Tell your Kids Stories
Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
Ten Ways to Have More Responsible Kids
Ten Ways to Prevent Kids Fighting
Toddlers, TV, and Attention Problems
The Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids From Fighting
Top Ten Ways to Teach Values to Your Kids
What’s Wrong with My Kids?
Wrestling With Your Kids
Your Children Need to Play

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