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The following articles are for parents of teenagers and preteens. The topics covered range from parent child relationships and rebellion, to teen pregnancy and teenage dating.

Tweens (Preteens) and Teenagers Archives

Tweens (Preteens) and Teenagers A to Z
Babysitting, Behavior, Body Image, Checklists and Thoughts, College and University, Communication, Curfews, Bedtime, Dating and Sex, Drugs, Friends, Media, Piercings, Tattoes and Such, Praise, Quality Time, Rebellion, Responsibility, Role Models, Safety, School, Sexual Harassment, Shopping, Spirituality, Youth Group

Babysitting and Your Teenager
Girls Gone MILD
Raising a Violence-Free Teen in 10 Easy Steps
Teens and Risky Behavior
Body Image
Poor Barbie

Checklists and Thoughts
Inventory for Parents of Teens
Parenting Teens: The Future
Preparing for the Teen Years
Pre-teen Parent Inventory
College and University
Is It Your Passion or Your Teen's?
Demystifying the Financial Aid Process
Some Thoughts on Schooling
Successful Budgeting for Students
5 Secrets for Handling Difficult Teen Parenting Situations
Talking to my teenager is like pulling weeds!
Ten Secrets Teens Want You To Know!
Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
Ten Ways To Become Your Teenager's Best Friend
Unilateral Disarmament - The First Step to Improving Communications with Your Teenagers
Curfews, Bedtime
Are Your Teens Getting The Sleep They Need?
Bedtime Battles
Dating and Sex
Can You Sex Proof Your Teenager?
Mothers' Influence on Adolescent Sex - How Being Connected to Your Child Can Promote Abstinence
Oh Baby!
Praying for your Child's Future Spouse
Monitoring Your Teens for Drug Use Without Appearing to be Spying
Starting a Teen Book Study Group
What to Do When Your Teen Chooses Bad Friends
When Your Kids Are Popular with the Wrong Crowd
Teens and "The Lord of the Rings"
The Truth About Teen Blogging
Piercings, Tattoes and Such
Help! My Kid Wants Blue Hair
Giving an "A"
Quality Time
13 Ways to Spend Time With Your Teenage Daughter
Quality Time With Your Teen
Elephants and Teenagers
What's the Point?
Building Teen Character: Part-Time Employment
Building Teen Character: Volunteering for Community Service
Helping Your Teen Find A Summer Job
Raising a Self-Sufficient Teen
Six Steps To Raising Financially Responsible Teens
Role Models
Role Models for Your Teen
The Best Way to Protect Your Children in the Car Communicating Awareness for Safety
Driving by Example
How Do You Really Know If Your Child's School Is Safe?
Protect your Family from Internet Pimps
Riding Rules for Tots and Teens
Stranger Danger
Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe Online
Coaching Your Teenagers on the Quest for Good Grades
How to Help Your Teen Get Great Grades
Sexual Harassment
5 Things Our Children Need to Know about Sexual Harassment
5 Ways To Influence the Way Your Teen Dresses
Organizing Your Teen Daughter for School
Raising Teens on a Tight Budget
Save At Secondhand Stores
Praying with your Teen
Youth Group
My Teen Hates Our Youth Group


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