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Tips on Potty Training Your Child

By Ellanel Gohou

Have you tried potty training your child and it just isn't going well? Some children fight every potty training attempt you will make, while other children are interested in potty training. You as a parent will be able to tell when your child is ready to start potty training. Two or three years of age is the average age for your child to start the potty training process. Here are some simple methods to help make it easier on both you and your child.

1. Around the age of two start introducing your child to the potty. Buy a potty chair or a potty seat that will fit over your normal sized toilet. Make sure it has a shield in front if you are potty training a boy so you do not end up with urine everywhere. Pick a weekend that you will have lots of extra time and move the potty chair into the room where the child will primarily be. If the child wants, let them run around in just a shirt and leave the diaper off. You can put underwear on the child if they feel more comfortable that way. The child will never catch on if you keep them in a diaper. They need to feel the urine running down their legs see that they are making a mess.

2. When you decide to start potty training your child choose a time that you know that your families routine is less likely to be disturbed by guests and extended time away from home.

3. Decide what words you will use to describe body parts, urine and bowel movements. Try not to use words like dirty, stinky, or naughty. Using these negative terms can make your child feel self-conscience and ashamed. Talk about urination and bowel movements in a simple, matter-of-fact way.

4. A fun way to get your children interested in using the potty is to use one of their favorite toys are dolls with a pretend potty. As her doll starts to be successful going to potty she can then move her up to wearing underwear.

5. Discuss with your child the advantages of being potty trained. Talk to them about not having diaper rashes anymore, not having to take time away from playing to have their diaper changed and the wonderful feeling of being clean and dry. Help them understand that potty training is an important stage of growing up.

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6. Potty training can be better understood by your child if you use videos and books to help explain the process. Use the internet as a tool to find one of the many books or videos out there. To help pass the time let your child look at their favorite book while using the potty chair.

7. Get out your calendar and declare a potty day. This is the day that your child would like to start potty training. Use a bright color and circle that date. Keep reminding them that potty day is almost here.

8. You might find that your child develops a fondness for unrolling the toilet paper. If this is a problem try mashing the roll so it does not unroll so quickly.

It will take several tries for your child to get the hang of what they are supposed to be doing. Don't get frustrated and know that your child will soon successful at the potty training process.

© Ellanel Gohou
Ellanel Gohou is the webmaster and owner of Fmea Training, which is an excellent place to find training links, resources and articles.


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