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Due Date Calculation

By Rachel Lower

To estimate your due date before you go to the doctor for examination and an ultrasound (which is very accurate in determining the age of an unborn child), you will need to know the date of the first day of your last period. The methods here are based on the average 28-day cycle.

If you are a mathematician, the following formulas can give you an answer:
Date of the first day of your last period + 281 days = due date, or
Date of the first day of your last period + 7 days - 3 months = due date

Pregnancy, on average, lasts 267 days (38 weeks) from conception. If you positively know your conception date, you can add 267 days to it for your due date.

Or do it the easy way:

Click here to open the calculator!


Click here to use the due date chart!
To use the due date chart, find the first day of your last period on the non-underlined rows and the date directly below on the underlined row is your estimated delivery date.

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