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Are We There Yet?

By Maria Gracia

Thinking about taking your kids on a family road trip?

To avoid boredom and impatience among your children, here are some ideas to keep the kids occupied and to save your sanity.

  1. GAMES: Create some games that the children could play. They could count all the white cars that they see, or count state license plates. Or, if you prefer, pick up some store-bought travel-sized games for them.

  2. SING-ALONGS: Plan ahead. Find some audio cassettes that your children will enjoy. Have them help you pick them out. Then, everyone inside can sing along.

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  3. AUDIO BOOKS: Pick up a few at the bookstore or have your children pick out their own. You can either play each cassette out loud on the vehicle cassette player, or each child can use their own walkman and listen to his or her personal choices.

  4. TELEVISION: Install a TV in your vehicle that runs on a dashboard cigarette lighter. These can be a little pricey, but if you are on the road often and television is the only way to get some peace, it may be worth it.

  5. HOBBIES OR CRAFTS: Crayons and a coloring book, crossword puzzles, embroidery, and electronic games can be fun activities for your kids, and an excellent way to make it to your destination in a state of peace, rather than stress.

© Maria Gracia
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