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Biblical Baby Names

By Rachel Lower

The following are some of the more common Biblical names used today, with a few exotic extras thrown in.

If you are having trouble with middle names, consider using a family name. You can also honour a family member without using his or her exact name, e.g. Grandma Betty > Daugher Bethany.

Biblical Boy Names

Aaron Light-bringer
Abiah My Father is Yah(weh)
Adam Red earth
Adriel My shepherd is God
Andrew Manly
Asher Happy
Benjamin Son of the right hand
Caleb Whole-hearted
Christian A follower of Christ
Clement Merciful
Daniel My judge is God
David Beloved
Eli My God
Elijah My God is Yah(weh)
Elisha My God is salvation
Ethan Strength
Ezekiel God strengthens
Ezra Help
Gabriel Man of God
Gideon Woodsman
Hanan Gracious giver
Hezekiah Strengthened by Yah(weh)
Isaac He shall laugh
Isaiah Yah(weh) is salvation
Jacob Heel-catcher
Jadon He will judge
James One who supplants
Jared One who descends
Jason Yah(weh) is salvation (Greek form of Joshua)
Jedidiah Beloved of Yah(weh)
Jeriah Yah(weh) will teach
Jesse Yah(weh) exists
Joel Yah(weh) is God
Joash Yah(weh) has given
Johanan, Johannan, Jonathan Yah(weh) has given
John God gave
Jonah A dove
Jordan The river where Jesus was baptized.
Joshua or Jehoshua Yah(weh) is salvation (Hebrew form of Jesus)
Joseph Yah(weh) gives increase
Levi Joined
Luke / Lucas / Lucius A light
Mark Warlike
Matthew (Mattithiah, Mattathias) Gift of Yah(weh)
Michael Who is like God?
Micah (Micaiah, Micha) Who is like Yah(weh)?
Moses Drawn out of the water
Nathanael Given of God
Noah Rest
Obadiah Serving Yah(weh)
Paul Small
Peter A stone
Philemon loving
Phillip Lover of horses
Raphael God has healed
Salem At peace
Samuel His name (is) of God
Saul Asked (of God)
Seth (he is) Appointed
Silas A woods or forest
Simon or Simeon He who hears
Solomon Peaceableness
Stephen A crown
Theophilus Friend of God
Thomas A twin
Timon Honorable
Timotheus/Timothy Honoring God
Tobiah Goodness of Yah(weh)
Zachariah/Zechariah Remembered by Yah(weh)
Zebadiah/Zebedee Yah(weh) is my gift
Zimri My song (psalm)

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Biblical Girl Names

Abi My father
Abigail The joy of her father
Adriel My shepherd is God
Amanah Steadfast
Ananiah Cloud of Yah(weh)
Anna She was gracious
Bernice Bear thou victory
Bethany House of unripe figs
Bethel House of God
Candace A sting
Chloe fruitful
Deborah A bee
Dinah One who judges
Eden Delight
Elisabeth or Elizabeth God of the oath
Esther Star
Eunice Happy victory
Eve Life giver
Gabriella Feminine of Gabriel (man of God)
Hadassah Myrtle tree
Hannah She was gracious
Jarah Honeycomb
Jordan River where Jesus was baptized
Judith Of Judah
Keturah Incense
Keziah Cassia tree
Leah Weary
Lucia/Lucille/Lucina A light
Lydia A standing pool
Martha Provoking
Mary / Miriam Stubborn
Melita Of honey
Michal A brook or streamlet
Naomi My delight
Phenicia Palm tree
Phoebe Pure
Priscilla Little old woman
Rachel A female sheep (an ewe)
Rebekah or Rebecca Tied
Rhoda A rose
Ruth Satisfied
Sarah Princess
Sharon Level
Susanna Lily
Tabitha Gazelle
Talitha A girl
Tamar Palm tree
Zipporah Sparrow

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© Rachel


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